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A Timeless Tribute
to Beverly Hills.

Gardenhouse From Above
Gardenhouse is an enlightened take on urban life and a progressive vision for the future of residential architecture and design. The first U.S. residential project from world-renowned visionary MAD Architects is a tribute to the subtlety and elegance of Beverly Hills, reinventing its essence in modern, contemporary form.

Part model for forward-thinking, sustainable design, part return to the minimalist architecture of the past, Gardenhouse creates a timeless yet fascinating ideal for the modern lifestyle. It was envisioned to showcase the integration of nature and design, inspiring one to live more fully and organically. In a sense, Gardenhouse represents a fresh start, a place to begin anew, a residential offering where architecture moves you, nature transforms you and home enlivens you.
Q&A with Ma Yansong of MAD Architects
You have created some of the most innovative and imaginative architectural works and cultural landmarks across the globe, including the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art here in Los Angeles. How does the work you do translate to the residential style of design?

The “Shanshui City” design philosophy underlies my work. This approach is derived from the East Asian perception of a world that is imbued with a particular affinity for nature. This abbreviated manifesto on Shanshui philosophy combines the functionality of urban density with the artistic idealization of natural landscape to compose a future city—one which maintains human spirit and emotion at its core.

Whether it is a large cultural institution like the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, or a smaller mixed-use project like Gardenhouse, through “Shanshui City” I want to awaken a certain interaction between architecture and nature. Though the built and natural elements of each project take on different forms, the intention behind them is the same. In the context of our dense urban centers, I want society to reconsider the relationship between humanity and nature, and re-establish the emotional connection between the two.


Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Los Angeles, CA
(Courtesy of MAD Architects)
MAD Architects has stated that it endeavors to create a balance between humanity, the city and the environment. How does Gardenhouse create this balance? Can you elaborate on what it was about Beverly Hills that specifically influenced your vision for the project?

This is the first time that we are bringing the “Shanshui City” design philosophy to North America. It is important that while following this approach, we are designing architecture that relates to this environment and speaks to the people of this particular context.

Our vision for Gardenhouse has been to design a mixed-use residential and commercial program that delivers a sense of tranquility to the inhabitants—one that feels much like living in a “hillside village”—while still being in the middle of Los Angeles.
We have created a space where community and nature coalesce. The base of the scheme encompasses the commercial program and has been designed to reflect the form of a hill. The residences (the "village") are a combination of different housing typologies—Row Houses, Garden Flats, Sky Villas—and are positioned on top of “the hill.” They are arranged to create a private neighborhood feeling.

We have designed this courtyard typology where we have organized all of the communal programs —the living room, the dining room, the office area, the kitchen—to face this inner green space.
This allows inhabitants to enjoy the conveniences of modern city living, while also having the experience of being in nature and interacting with one another from their balconies.

From the street, the residences appear as opaque, white glass villas, but facing the inner courtyard they are transparent. We are bringing drought-tolerant trees and plants found on the adjacent foothills of Los Angeles into Beverly Hills. They ascend “the hill” of Gardenhouse and contour the Beverly Hills skyline, offering a very distinctive streetscape along the iconic Wilshire Boulevard.

sky villa master bedroom
What are some of the standout architectural features and design elements at Gardenhouse?

We have arranged the villas so that they center around the inner courtyard where there is a water feature that reflects the light of the sky. It not only provides a visual experience, but an auditory experience, transporting residents away from the city and into a calm and tranquil atmosphere. To further emphasize this feeling of being in nature, we have integrated a living green wall that wraps around “the hill.” The windows of the villas open up onto the living green wall, giving people the feeling that they are living in the mountains, in a hillside village, and not in a metropolitan city.
What sustainable, resource-efficient techniques are you implementing?

Water is a big issue in Los Angeles, so for the living green wall feature we use recycled water that not only keeps the flora hydrated, but helps cool down the building; and also provides very good insulation that keeps the interior temperature comfortable. In addition, we are also using plants from the local region and nearby desert that don’t consume a lot of water, and require little maintenance.

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