Shawati’ Magazine Highlights Gardenhouse and Architect Ma Yansong

News of Gardenhouse’s groundbreaking design continues to spread across the globe, with Shawati' —a bilingual Arabic and English arts and culture publication based out of Abu Dhabi—spotlighting the all-new creation and a Q&A with architect Ma Yansong in its September issue.

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Shawati' magazine, a quarterly arts and culture publication based out of Abu Dhabi, has featured MAD Architects' Ma Yansong and Gardenhouse, his all-new Beverly Hills residences, in its September 2020 issue. Titled “Village on a Hill,” the piece highlights Gardenhouse’s unique fusion of nature and architecture, noting how Ma tapped into a range of inspiration—including classic films and hilltop towns he recalled from his childhood in China—to create a one-of-kind residential community in central Los Angeles that boasts an imaginative connection to nature.

“In the context of our dense urban centres, my hope is for architecture to reconsider the relationship between humanity and nature, and re-establish the emotional connection between the two. With Gardenhouse, we propose a new paradigm for the West Coast architectural vernacular amid the sprawling density of Los Angeles.” —Ma Yansong, Shawati’

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