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LA Design Festival Spotlights Gardenhouse with Video Tour

This year’s annual LA Design Festival highlights the distinctive, groundbreaking design of the all-new Gardenhouse by MAD Architects with a special video tour and article.

Watch: Gardenhouse Debuts New Garden Flats Video Tour


This year’s 10th annual LA Design Festival—a citywide celebration of creativity and cutting-edge design—spotlights Gardenhouse with a video tour of the property led by MAD Architects’ associate partner, Dixon Junliang Lu. In the tour, Dixon shares insight on Gardenhouse’s contemporary homes, the community’s living wall (the country's largest for a residential development) as well as its thoughtfully designed green spaces. In its article, LA Design Festival details Gardenhouse’s unique fusion of nature and forward-thinking design:

“Through ‘Gardenhouse,’ MAD seeks to offer a rebuttal to the stereotypical cubic-box living environments of high-density cities across the world. An intrinsic connection with nature, with a tranquil, shared courtyard and private outdoor space for each unit, creates a calm oasis just meters away from the urban environment. The result is a physical manifestation of the idea that architecture can connect with both the built and natural environment, to offer a more full, harmonious living experience.”

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DesignBoom Features Gardenhouse as a Playful Urban Marvel


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