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DesignBoom Features Gardenhouse as a Playful Urban Marvel

Award-winning design publication DesignBoom introduces readers to MAD’s “rebuttal to the stereotypical cubic-box living environments.”

LA Design Festival Spotlights Gardenhouse with Video Tour


Influential architecture and design publication DesignBoom celebrates Gardenhouse as Beverly Hills’ latest residential marvel with a forward-thinking design philosophy. Focusing on architect Ma Yansong’s ‘shanshui city’ design principle that prioritizes emotional and spiritual needs of the residents, DesignBoom walks readers through the residential enclave, pointing out elements from the water-conserving choice of native plants on the living green wall to its playful ‘hillside village’ configuration. DesignBoom even tapped MAD architects founder Ma Yansong for an interview on the ideology behind the structure:

“Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are highly modernized and developed...their residences on the hills seemingly coexist with the urban environment. However, they also see enclosed movement at their core. The commune connection between the urban environment and nature is isolated. What new perspectives, and new value, can we bring to Los Angeles? Perhaps, we can create a hill in the urban context, so people can live on it and make it a village. This place will be half urban, half nature. This can offer an interesting response to Beverly Hills: a neighborhood which is often carefully organized and maintained, now with a witty, playful new resident.”

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KCRW Heralds Gardenhouse as the Prime Destination of Design-Sightseeing in Los Angeles


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