KCRW Heralds Gardenhouse as the Prime Destination of Design-Sightseeing in Los Angeles

Relishing in the aesthetic pleasure of MAD Architects’ Gardenhouse tops KCRW’s list of design-inspired activities to seek out in Los Angeles.

DesignBoom Features Gardenhouse as a Playful Urban Marvel


World-renowned music and culture-programming station KCRW highlights Gardenhouse as a design attraction as much as it is a residential marvel, specifically touting the structure as a destination of design inspiration. Named as a sight to view to escape from the anxieties of life, the condominium development is detailed by KCRW:

“This project, helmed by MAD associate partner Dixon Junliang Lu, is their first residential project in the US and even if you can't afford the $3.7 million or more sticker price for a unit, you can enjoy the view of the exterior from the street. In a new spin on the California dream of the cute house in a yard, 18 pitched roof dwellings sit atop a mixed-use structure with retail at ground level and a garden climbing up the walls.”

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Architectural Digest Spotlights Gardenhouse’s Innovative Design