Architectural Digest Spotlights Gardenhouse’s Innovative Design

Architectural Digest offers an exclusive tour of MAD Architects’ stunning new residential design at Gardenhouse, where Ma Yansong’s innovative vision “surpasses sky-high expectations.”

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Architectural Digest — the leading source for design industry news and architectural advances — shines the spotlight on Gardenhouse in an exclusive article, beautifully capturing Ma Yansong’s vision to create a “different model of urban living that places residences within the spiritual landscape of nature.” Offering a thorough breakdown of Gardenhouse’s contemporary residences and gardens, the article applauds Yansong’s seamless link between humanity and nature via architectural design:

“MAD Architects, which is in the process of designing the highly anticipated Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts in Los Angeles, embraces the notion that architecture can create a harmonious connection between humans and nature. This means the creation of a green, living wall that doesn’t divide the units from the street, but rather blends the units with the natural world.”

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