Forbes Features Gardenhouse Among “Eco-Friendly Homes That Embrace the Earth Day Spirit”

Mansion Global Highlights Gardenhouse for its Connection to Nature within Beverly Hills


Forbes shines the spotlight on Gardenhouse in an Earth Day article detailing eco-friendly homes around America, using the holiday as a key opportunity to “both celebrate progress in green building and sustainable design and to recognize the growing need for green homes.” In the write-up, Gardenhouse itself is championed for its commitment to creating a holistic balance between humanity, the city and the environment through its exterior living wall:

“The sculptural facade of Gardenhouse is home to the largest living art wall in the country. A natural evolution from outside the walls to inside, the wall is composed of native plants and succulents that transform with the seasons, creating a living, ever-evolving art piece that blocks out the sounds of the city while drawing in and filtering the warm California sunlight.”

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