Los Angeles Times Spotlights Ma Yansong’s Architectural Impact on Los Angeles

Leading news publication The Los Angeles Times offers a glimpse into architect Ma Yansong’s revolutionary architectural vision with the arrival of both the George Lucas Museum and Gardenhouse in Los Angeles. The article delineates how by distilling his “quixotic but ultimately smashingly successful philosophy with his study of Shan-Shui City,” Ma is capable of creating undeniably contemporary structures that are subdued by natural elements:

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“Unlike most cities, [Ma Yansong] said, the most contextual buildings here are those that look different from what exists. A good example is by his own firm: a new condo complex in Beverly Hills [Gardenhouse], the project that drew MAD to Los Angeles in 2014. It somehow incorporates gardens, rolling hills and plant-sided homes with peaked roofs, all along Wilshire Boulevard.”

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Los Angeles Times Features Gardenhouse Among List of 11 Buildings Designed by Ma Yansong