Los Angeles Times Features Gardenhouse Among List of 11 Buildings Designed by Ma Yansong

The Los Angeles Times, a world-renowned news publication hailing from Southern California, features Gardenhouse among their list of 11 buildings designed by Ma Yansong, the architect behind both our residential enclave and the internationally acclaimed George Lucas Museum. The article offers a quick visual guide to his work, including a brief synopsis of Gardenhouse’s unification of nature and architecture:

Los Angeles Times Spotlights Ma Yansong’s Architectural Impact on Los Angeles

“Eighteen units rise about a thickly planted wall along Wilshire Boulevard, topped with peaked roofs. Inside, an undulating planted courtyard. Ken Simpson, vice president of Palisades, the project’s developer, said Ma distilled Beverly Hills’ essence — single-family houses, its green hills — into a single napkin sketch after touring the city with him.”

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