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Gardenhouse Vision Takes Root as Trees Airlifted Into Place

While Gardenhouse is perhaps most well-known for its 6,700-square-foot sculptural facade—the nation’s largest living wall—this building’s natural elements reach far beyond its lush exterior. Designed to completely reimagine Beverly Hills’ urban setting, an idealization set forth by lead architect Ma Yansong of MAD Architects, the innovative architectural marvel is reminiscent of a hillside village where nature is a centerpiece throughout.

Ma Yansong Rethinks the Boundaries Between Humanity & Urbanity


Gardenhouse’s most recent addition—the installation of 17 locally grown and drought-tolerant trees positioned high atop the Sky Villa residences and central courtyard—further evolves Yansong’s inspired vision. In an endeavor that involved numerous helping hands from Gruen Associates and Yansong’s direct design guidance, the towering trees were hoisted over 80 feet into the air by a telescopic boom crane and, one by one, meticulously placed to achieve their highest form of design and obtain the optimal positioning to thrive. The result realizes a world where residents are constantly and intimately connected to nature—even from the top floor.

“It is a unique feeling to stand within the residences, look out through large expansive windows and see the bustling city below through mature tree trunks and lush branches. By introducing natural environments within an urban context, these trees contribute to Gardenhouse’s distinctive vision of the future of architecture.” - Dean Howell, Gruen Associates

As the trees were rooted into the building, a careful orchestration of architecture and nature took form amidst the city landscape. From Wilshire Boulevard’s iconic streets, the distinctive artwork rises in greenery, appearing as a modern-day village on a hill. And, upon entering Gardenhouse’s grounds, it becomes clear that it is exactly that. Within, organic elements give nod from every direction, and will soon offer dwellers a tranquil return to nature whilst amid the highly amenitized Beverly Hills setting. This is what Yansong calls “a space where nature and community coalesce.”

Each species now rising up to 15-feet from the architectural work—including Australian Bottle, Japanese Maple, Camellia, Meyer Lemon and London Plane trees—was locally grown by Gruen Associates for approximately eight years prior to the installation and selected with immense attention to detail. Beyond their design aesthetic, trees were chosen based on shape, form and suitability for Gardenhouse’s unique landscape ecology.

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