Haute Residence Offers a Look at the Soon-to-be-Complete Gardenhouse

Luxury real estate and interior design publication Haute Residence offers an exclusive glimpse inside Gardenhouse in an article detailing its contemporary residences and sculptural facade that comprises the largest living wall in the country. The write-up applauds MAD Architects’ reimagination of the Beverly Hills lifestyle with a return to simplicity, reflecting on a time when nature was woven into every aspect of life.

Luxe Interiors + Design Features Gardenhouse in Latest Issue


“At the center of Gardenhouse is a reflecting pool, a homage to the natural springs in Beverly Hills that first brought the community together, that mirrors the sky and materiality overhead. The residences, meticulously sited to ensure privacy, encircle a central, open-air atrium where a lush canopy of trees and a secret garden offer an unparalleled sense of seclusion.” — Haute Residence

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Departures Features Gardenhouse in October California Issue