Departures Features Gardenhouse in October California Issue

Luxury lifestyle magazine Departures shines the spotlight on Gardenhouse in their October “California” issue in an article detailing Wilshire Boulevard’s exciting transformation. In the write-up, Wilshire is coined the “Boulevard of Dreams” where the past, present and future of Los Angeles merge, and it is here where Gardenhouse has earned its title as the area’s most innovative architectural tour-de-force:

Haute Residence Offers a Look at the Soon-to-be-Complete Gardenhouse


Designed by the Beijing-based firm MAD (also the architects of the future Lucas Museum of Narrative Art near USC), two floors of apartments double as the podium for a cluster of gabled villas raised above the street and arranged around a common courtyard. Draped in vegetation and wrapped in a green wall, the complex has a pleasantly overgrown air, as if an artificial oasis has somehow popped up across the street from a gas station. Yes, it’s a one-off, a fanciful huddle of expensive homes at the edge of Beverly Hills. But it’s also a master class in sneaking modest density into a neighborhood that’s resistant to change.

ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME Highlights the Bridge Between Nature & Architecture at Gardenhouse