Los Angeles Business Journal Illuminates Ma Yansong’s Vision for Gardenhouse

The Los Angeles Business Journal features world-renowned architect Ma Yansong’s vision for Gardenhouse in a new article titled, “Architect Ma to Design BH Housing.” The write-up details MAD Architects’ first-of-its-kind development in Beverly Hills, combining “multiple lots into a multifamily project with homes, gardens and the largest living art wall in the country.” In a statement from Ma Yansong, founder of MAD Architects, the visionary explains his mission to reestablish the emotional connection between nature and architecture.

ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME Highlights the Bridge Between Nature & Architecture at Gardenhouse


“With Gardenhouse, we propose a new paradigm for the West Coast architectural vernacular amid the sprawling density of Los Angeles.”
— Ma Yansong

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Gardenhouse Unveils the Nation’s Largest Living Wall