Gardenhouse Unveils the Nation’s Largest Living Wall

Gardenhouse hosted its official unveiling of the nation’s largest living wall last week, joined by Beverly Hills Mayor John Mirisch and landscape architect Scott Hutcheon. Mayor Mirisch marked the official reveal by placing the final plant in the 6,700-square-foot wall, speaking to the transformative facade’s much-needed connection to nature and further sharing that an acclaimed artist retail partner will soon be announced for one of the property’s commercial spaces.

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The sculptural facade, featuring 41 varieties of drought tolerant plants that transform with the seasons, surrounds Gardenhouse’s 15 luxury residences in a design that is reminiscent of Beverly Hills’ lush hillside. Representatives from MAD Architects, Compass, Palisades and Seasons Natural Engineering gathered to witness the grandeur of this monumental art piece, which envelopes Gardenhouse’s enlightened urban indoor-outdoor living spaces, which will officially arrive in Fall 2019.

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