Robb Report Spotlights Gardenhouse as Luxe Beverly Hills Village Where Nature Meets Modernity

Finding Eden in the concrete jungle can be a challenge—but one worth pursuing. Just ask newly minted MAD architect Ma Yansong, who is nearing completion on a Thoreauvian antidote to the hustle and bustle of LA’s urban sprawl with an upscale, green village dubbed—what else?—Gardenhouse.

Digs Features Gardenhouse’s Exquisite Collection of Residences & Organic Design


The project marks Yansong’s stateside debut after a much-celebrated tenure abroad. His résumé includes the Harbin Opera House in China, the Absolute Towers in Toronto and the Conrad Hotel in Beijing—all of which showcase his signature style. Dubbed “Shanshui City,” the architect’s ethos seeks to create a new kind of city, one that fulfills both the spiritual and emotional needs of its inhabitants: nature meets modernity. Gardenhouse, he says, is no exception.

“My hope is for architecture to reconsider the relationship between humanity and nature, and re-establish the emotional connection between the two,” Yansong said in a statement. “With Gardenhouse, we propose a new paradigm amidst the sprawling density of Los Angeles.”

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